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Artist Signees

ASK Artists Statement

As artists, writers and performers who work with and for children, we have witnessed with growing concern and despair the tragic effect of gun violence on children. We call out for a saner, more rational gun policy in our country, states and communities. We join with other voices calling for comprehensive universal background checks for gun purchasers, better screening for mental health problems, better gun safety regulations for gun owners to keep children safe from accidental firings, and a limit on semi-automatic weapons and large magazines. We ask you to join us in this call for a safer world.


Monica Ladd,storyteller
Martha Leader, musician
​Joanie Leeds, musician

Terry Leonino, musician
Gwenda Ledbetter, storyteller
Marla Lewis, musician

Irene Light, educator; musician
Grace Lin, author

Angela Lloyd, teaching artist, storyteller, musician
Bonnie Lockhart, musician

Sara Lovell, musician, singer, songwriter

Mark Lutwak, playwright, director

Joanne Early Macken, author

Gunnar Madsen, musician

Diana Mahiques, Business Marketing, Entertainment

Barry Stewart Mann, storyteller

Cindy Marshall, 

Marcy Marxer, musician

Cooper McHatton,  Puppeteer

Gina McHatton, writer, educator

Hazel McHatton, artist, musician

Todd McHatton, artist, musician

Vivi Melody, musician

Valerie Menard, performer

Birdie Mendoza, edu-tainer
Shawn Middleton, storyteller

Lucas Miller, musician

Kate Moran, musician

Wendy Morgan, musician

Audra Morrison

Barry and Cara Moser, illustrators

Kate Munger, musician
Pat Nease, storyteller
Cora Newcomb, storyteller

Leslea Newman, author

Richard and Rochelle Newman, visual artists
Miriam Nicholson

The Not-Its! (Sarah Shannon, Danny Adamson, Tom Baisden, Jennie Helman, Michael Welke), musicians
Bruce O'Brien, musician

Eric Ode, musician
Susan O'Halloran, storyteller
Okee Dokee Brothers: Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing, musicians
Celine O'Malley, author, storyteller

Jose-Luis Orozco, Bilingual author, musician

Judy Pancoast, musician
Michael Parent, storyteller
Queen Parish, storyteller
Annie Patterson, musician

Miranda Paul, children's author
Tom Pease, musician

Stacey Peasley, musician
Cathy Peerless
Ruth Pelham, musician

Judy Petersen, storyteller
Steve Pierson, musician
Sarah Pirtle, musician
Barry Louis Polisar, musician, author

Cindy Pon, author, artist
Paul Porter, photographer
Carolina Presnell, musician

Linda King Pruitt, storyteller
Steve Pullara, musician

Jason and Jacob Rabinowitz (the Pop-Ups), musicians
Jo Radner, storyteller

Don Rankin, musician
Sue Reier, musician
Cindy Rivka Marshall, storyteller
Sally Rogers, musician
Linda Ronberg, musician
Dennis Ronberg, musician
Joyce Rouse, musician
Katy Rydell, storyteller

Brady Rymer, Musician
Carol Saferstein, storyteller

Kevin Salem, musician

Andres Salguero (123 Andres), musician

Susan Salidor, musician
Barney Saltzberg, author/musician
Les Schaffer, storyteller

Casey Schaeffer, musician
Nancy Schimmel, musician
Robin Schulte, Storyteller

Dennis Scott, musician

Steve Seskin, musician
Tim Seston, musician
Mary Shapiro, musician
Patricia Shih, musician
Anne Shimojima, storyteller
Heidi Siegell, musician
Nancy Silber, musician

Silly Goose & Val (Valerie Smalkin), musician
Gale Simon-Bierenbaum, poet

Aaron Nigel Smith, One World Chorus
Jessica Smith, musician
BZ Smith, storyteller
Lemony Snickett, author
Tom Sparough, storyteller
Jonthan Sprout, musician
Fran Stallings, storyteller
Anna Stange, musician

Paul Stark, Musician

Gari Stein, Educator-Performer
Heidi Stemple, author
Tina Stone, storyteller/musician

Noel Paul Stookey, musician
Stuart Stotts, musician

Roland Stringer, publisher, artistic director
Gene Tagaban, storyteller
Dovie Thomason, storyteller
Julie Thompson, musician
Barb Tilsen, musician
Ethan Turner

Karuna Ma Susan Twiggs, poet, writer
Michele Valeri, puppeteer

Heidi Van, curator, Fishtank Performance Studio

Linda Vanderheyden, author

Timothy Van Egmond,folksinger, storyteller
Deborah Van Kleef, musician

Vikki Wachetel, musician
Devin Walker, musician
Kim Wallach, musician
Nancy Wang, storyteller

Ruth Weber, musician

Mo Willems, author, illustrator

Kira Willey, musician

Susi Wolf, storyteller
Avi Wortis, author
Barbara Wright, musician

Peter Yarrow, musician
Jane Yolen, author

Y. York, playwright

Jean Young, songwriter, teacher of children & their parents
Andy Zamanes, musician
Dan Zanes, musician
Jennifer Rudick Zunikoff, storyteller

Ginger Acopiado, Music Education Business owner

​​Alphabet Rockers (Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd), musicians

Peter Alsop, musician

Muriel Anderson, musician

Rani Arbo, musician

Roger Armstrong, storyteller
Ivan Arredondo, fine artist
Jane Arsham, Admin Director for Children's Music Network
Greg Artzner, musician
Carrie Ayvar, storyteller

Chris Ballew (Caspar Babypants), musician
Linda Batlin, storyteller

Battersby Duo: Laura and Tim Battersby, musicians
Noa Baum, storyteller
Elizabeth Benjamin, musician

Samantha Berger, author

Brittany Bethune, singer-songwriter
Beth Bierko, musician
Scott Bierko, musician

​Carol Birch, author

Jeanne Birdsall, author
Charlotte Blake-Allston, storyteller

Beth Blenz-Clucas, public relations for children's artists

Debbie Block, Manager for Bill Harley, musician, author
Peter Blood, musician

Sulinha Boucher - musician
Jeanie Bratschie, musician

Simon Brooks, storyteller
Larry Brown, storyteller
Liz Buchanan, storyteller

Geraldine Buckley, storyteller
Milbre Burch, storyteller
Sandy Byer, musician
Len Cabral, storyteller
Joanie Calem, musician
Courtney Campbell, musician

​Michelle Cardin, musician

Debbie Cavalier, musician

Karen Chace, storyteller, teaching artist, author
Tom Chapin, musician

Patti Christensen, Professional Storyteller

Ashli Christoval, musician
David Claunch, storyteller

Sheila Cohen, author
Dana Cohenour, musician

Amy Conley, Performer/Educator
Maureen Conlin, musician
Greg Cooney, musician

Kevin Cordi, storyteller

Jim Cosgrove, musician

Ralph Covert, musician
Pete Cowdin, author, owner of Reading Reptile, children’s bookstore
Sharon Creech, author
Dorothy Cresswell, musician

Jane Crouse, storyteller

Cory Cullinan, musician

​Donna Dees, Million Mom March

Diane DeGroat, author, illustrator
Kayte Deioma, musician
Leeny del Seemonds, storyteller

Lucky Diaz, musician
Katherine Dines, musician

​Kate Dockins, children's music marketing

Norah Dooley, storyteller
Drea Douglas, storyteller

Dan Elliot, musician, Pointed Man Band

Bethany Ellis, storyteller

Steve Elsi, musician

Frances England, musician
Audrey Engdahl, musician, educator, visual artist
Becky Everly, storyteller
Cathryn Fairlee, storyteller
Pam Faro, storyteller

​Elizabeth C. Felt, author

Kerry Fenster, musician

Cathy Fink, musician

Brigid Finucane, artist, educator

Steve Floyd,
Lyn Ford, storyteller
Julie Fortenberry, author
Fran Friedman, musician, educator

Alisha Gaddis, musician

Kate Garchinsky, illustrator
Jackson Gillman, storyteller
Barbara Gint, musician

Red Grammer, musician

David Gonzales, musician, playwright, storyteller
Linda Goodman-Wood, storyteller
Marsha Goodman-Wood
Craig Green

Wendy Gourley, storyteller, playwright

​Joanne Hammil, musician

Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snickett), Author

Hands in Motion (Neysa Battistini, Landin K. Battistini, Cali Boles, & Elena Margarella)
Bill Harley, musician/author

Dan Harper, author
Kim and Reggie Harris, musician
Yvonne Healey, storyteller
Lisa Heintz, music educator
David Heitler-Klevans, musician
Jenny Heitler-Klevans, musician
Candace Heitner, musician
Alina Heria, musician

Gail Herman, storyteller

Nancy Hershatter, musician
Megan Hicks, storyteller

Max Highstein, musician
Allan Hirsch, puppeteer, storyteller

Drew Holloway (Recess Monkey), musician
Phil Hoose, author/musician

Margaret Hooton, music educator
Beth Horner, storyteller

Muriel Horowitz, storyteller

Jacqueline Houtman, author

Priscilla Howe, storyteller
Rick Huddle, musician

Cindy Hughlett, musician 

Dean Jones, Musician, Dog On Fleas
Sheila Arnold Jones, storyteller
Norton Juster, author

Charity Kahn, musician
Diana Kane, storyteller
Regina Kelland, Children's Music Marketing
Carol Kerman, storyteller
Robert Kikuchi-Ngoho, storyteller
Dave Kinnoin, musician
Jesse Klausmeier, author
Emily Klion, director, San Francisco Youth Theater

Katie Knutson, storyteller
Debra Koel, musician

Marc Kohler, puppeteer
Kari Kovick, music educator